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Monday, April 13, 2015

How are Librarians like Lifeguards?

by Bruce DuBoff, and hopefully, others

1. Lifeguards most frequently save people they do not know and will probably never meet again.

2. Lifeguards can seldom if ever save someone alone; they need their comrades' assistance.

3. Lifeguards are a team--if one member is heroic, the team is heroic; if one member fails, the team fails.

4. Lifeguards enjoy the sunshine but work in any weather.

5. Lifeguards know that sometimes the calmest-looking ocean can have an unseen, deadly rip current.

6. Lifeguards must pass rigorous certifications and tests before they are qualified to work.

7. Lifeguards are always at the center of the action when there is a problem.

8. Lifeguards can look like they're not working at all until something happens.

9. Lifeguards get better with experience and they enjoy passing on their knowledge to younger generations.

10. Lifeguards can get mighty loud when they need to.


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